Calligraphy Vows are a Wow on Wedding Cakes


This weekend I was touched by these awe-inspiring wedding cakes I spotted in a 2007 edition of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine.  What a trend to have calligraphy writing on your wedding cake in say a favorite poem, the mixing and matching of the bride and groom’s initials or with simple words of “love,” “honor” and “promise.”  Although these tiered cakes may look like the latest fashion, they are truly timeless show-stoppers with designs incorporated into the delicate panels using plastic transfer sheets printed with delicacies like cocoa butter.  Sweet, classic outstanding style!

You’ll find the Martha Stewart ways to do-it-yourself here at Write your Vows and Golden Touches.

Where to find these transfer sheets to try a version of it yourself?  You can find them at specialty baking stores or online.  Go to American Chocolate Designs to start designing beautiful cakes inscribed with spirit.

(photos were all taken by Anita Calero)


2 Responses to “Calligraphy Vows are a Wow on Wedding Cakes”

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