Wedding Cost Calculator ~!


Yesterday, I came across a site that lets you type in your area code to find out the average cost of a wedding in your town. I thought it would be fun, so I typed in a few zip codes. First, I started with my current neighborhood in San Francisco. I live in a very middle-class part of the city, so I was shocked to find that the average wedding cost was between $33,963 and $56,604! I nearly fell out of my chair! I thought that perhaps the number was large because things tend to cost more in a big city, but when I typed in the zip code for Santa Cruz (my hometown), the numbers were still huge: between $26,160 and $43,601. I’d like to note that these estimates DO NOT include the engagement ring or honeymoon. Seriously?! According to the site (, the average U.S. couple spends $20,398 on their wedding. But get this: most couples budget 50% less than the amount they end up spending. Fortunately for those of us who aren’t married yet, this site is a great resource when the times comes… it helps to break down the cost of every little thing, which I can imagine will help couples decide where to spend and where to skimp. Try it for yourself below, and let me know your results!

Is it just me or do these numbers seem high? How much do you think you’d be willing to spend on your wedding? For those of you who are already married, do these numbers look right?


Author of Wedding Bite Post: Kim Wilson of Blending Beautiful.  Thanks to our new Guest Blogger & be sure to give some love to her own blog!


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