Rainy Night Inspiration from Etsy


It’s no secret that it rains in Seattle.  I just drove back from a very long day & night through the wispy, wild rain with my family (everyone including our Collie dog sitting in the back of the car).  Coming in, I felt the sense of serenity from being away from the elements.  My feet were cold, my hair was slightly frizzy from walking in the rain, and my skin felt tired.

After taking off my rain jacket, I went to my computer.  The first thing I pulled up was Etsy’s Home Page Favorites and the theme went right with my feeling… of the rainy day, the lightness of that feeling even in the heaviness, and the warm when you come in from the cold.  That feeling of cozy finally felt after discomfort.  Ahhh, the serenity,  just when you want to be home.  The colors of translucent blues and greens, watery colors and elements of deep, mystical hues and tones sent me to another element.  To a space of comfort with warm feelings and dreamy thoughts before I take off to sleep.

Aren’t these pieces lovely?  And be sure to read the story of the featured Etsy seller TheBlackSpotBooks.  Dream thoughts of ships, oceans, beaches, sunshine after rain and happily ever after by the sea.  Most of all, take a moment to dream.

Spring Rain - Prehnite, Paraiba Topaz, Aquamarine, Oxidized Sterling Silver

Love Card - Equality Series - Girl and Girl

Spring rain handbag

Rainy umbrellas card

Spring Rains will come again - Necklace

Spring Rainfall at Sunset

Spring Raindrops Necklace

Rain Water - 2 Ounce Palm Wax Votives - Set of Two

Hammered plum flower on post back earrings

SPRING RAIN IRIS hand painted extra long silk chiffon scarf

Singin' in the Rain Silver umbrella and Grade A mystic topaz chubby heart briolette necklace  LAST ONE

waiting to fall - 8x10 fine art photograph

Featured Seller: TheBlackSpotBooks

I love the sea. One of my favourite adventures was a tour of the Galapagos Islands on an olde Pirate ship built in Denmark in the early 1900s. I spent the evenings on one of the storage boxes that had me level with the bar that was my only protection from falling into the sea. Read the interview

Red Cross antique beadge with flaming scrap leather book necklace

SALE Meta Stelly leather journal with a hole leading to a a bit of a diary entry

Nightwanderer, a drawing created on a lovely sea


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