Engaged Encounter: Jill + Trevor


Kristen Marie posted this super cute engagement session on her Facebook Fanpage.  It was so fun + playful that I couldn’t help but share it! 

This is what Kristen had to say about the photo shoot:

Jill and Trevor… What a darling couple. From his charming smile to her captivating eyes, they make one good looking pair! We met at Golden Gardens Park out in Ballard close to sunset and walked around as we chatted about how they met and TV shows we’re all caught up on. I asked Jill if she would be up for sharing in her words how she and Trevor met and I loved how she put that writing about love is like dancing about architecture. You just can’t explain with the human language!

In Jill’s words about their meeting:
“Trevor and I met nearly five years ago teaching swim lessons.  Unlike most fairy tale romances, Trevor and I were friends for a long time before we realized our love for each other. The more time we spent together the more we realized how meant-to-be we are.  We are different in so many ways, but our fundamental beliefs are completely in line with one another. Each day is a new, exciting adventure filled with endless love and laughter. Our engagement has been the best time of our lives and, although we didn’t start out like a fairytale, we can’t wait for the next chapter and our fairytale ending. “

Congratulations Jill + Trevor and we think your fairytale engagement photos are beautiful!

Kristen Marie Photography

tel: 206.930.2484

web: http://kristenmarie.org

email: krsiten@kristenmarie.org


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