Madame Fortuna’s Charming Fortunes!


Hello lucky reader!  I am about to read your fortune….

1- You are going to fall in love (with jewelry).

2- You will go online and buy it.

3-  You (and your lucky charm) will live happily ever after.

Well, maybe it’s not going to happen exactly like that.  But, I still have to plug this one: Daily Candy Weddings featured this elegant and daring jeweler Madame Fortuna (Designer Allison Nowlin Ward) who creates custom charm wonders for your attendants.

As Daily Candy tells it:

To get started, submit the name, birthday, favorite memory, and personal style of each girl. Ward will scour flea markets, estate sales, and thrift and junk stores to find unique, vintage adornments, which usually include a locket and a small watch face set to the time of your wedding. You communicate with Ward via e-mail until the bracelets are perfect.

Find her here: Madame Fortuna and visit her extra-special Etsy shop and at most Anthropologie locations (you have to love that!)

Here is a view of some of her untold treasures….


One Response to “Madame Fortuna’s Charming Fortunes!”

  1. This lady is a genius. I am the proud owner of several rare Madame Fortuna pieces from her couture collection 🙂

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