Love: It’s the Big Idea!


I love it when I saw it!  You know how you can be surfing blogs and all of a sudden stumble on something really good (and you hope you can remember how you got there!)

Well, I do.  I found Grey Likes Weddings, a fun wedding blog, and suddenly it was a hit for me when I saw this feature of MaeMae Paperie!

Love can be like turning a light on inside of you.  You’re ahh-haa moment, love at first sight, love brings you the light.  Well, something like that.  This great invitation designer  MaeMae Paperie caught my eye with her pretty little lightbulbs that she fashioned into an event with the line “Love: It’s the Big Idea!”

She has beautiful elements to her style:  MaeMae Paperie.  You can get some really great ideas about how you could incorporate something so simple as a light bulb and put it into a wedding or party motif.   It doesn’t have to be light bulbs (but they are really, really cute here), but think of something small, yet significant and wrap it into your wedding theme.  Here are some Big Ideas….


Happy Tuesday, and enjoy the rest of the week to come.  It’s almost April Fool’s Day (so be sure to play some good old-fashioned  pranks on the ones you love)!

Photos:  Jasmine Star

Event Design:  So Happi Together

Sweets:  Sweet + Saucy

Paperie: MaeMae Paperie


One Response to “Love: It’s the Big Idea!”

  1. thanks for the feature, jill!!!!

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