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I was in the mood for making a pretty post, so I knew these pretty cakes and goodies by Sweet Cupcakes and Treats would do the trick!  Mid-week cravings have the best of you?  Since these come from Austrailia, go local with great baking sites like Bakerella to design your own. Want a taste of inspiration?  […]

Today is my birthday, so I guess I am craving special occasion cakes.  Here’s a sweet story that I found on Design*Sponge: bakerette Allyson Baker annouced to her co-workers that she had a bun in the oven by presenting them with these darling (& delicious) cupcakes.  We scored the recipe ~ so be sure to try them out for a party, […]

If you are looking for ways to make cakes & cupcakes shine a little brighter – we may have found it for you.  Because everyone loves mod DIY party cakes & clever goodies that will take no-time to make, you will be over the moon about this product! Get this: with ticings™ – edible sheets of icing that easily add […]

Got Oscar parties?  Amy Atlas is an event planner in New York City who runs Amy Atlas Events and specializes in dessert tables.  You’ll see theme-based party style, cookies, cakes and candy that dances off the pages, and high-fashion pastries at their best.  It will make you want to throw a party, so have some fun and […]